Harassed down at the local pond, followed home at low altitude, circled over our town house…

No probable cause, no reasonable suspicion- we were fishing for Christ’s sake.

18,000 dollars an hour or more- whilst serious crimes go unsolved by the local incompetent flatfoot F troop. Sergeants Porno and Bribeasy strike again.

All started when sighted a lake monster- clearly the local authorities know more about recent deaths in the Canberra lakes than they are saying. One recent presumed fatality in the lake system- the body still hasn’t been found. Given the small size of the water and despite the pollution and rubbish that the lazy useless local bureaucracy takes money to clean up but never actually cleans- the body should have turned up by now.

But then Canberra also has the worst murder, drug dealing and rape clear up rate in the country.

Because that’s how good Julia Gillard’s favourite police force is.

Canberra is the most ridiculous nanny state in Australia- horribly overgoverned, socialist to the core, infested with bureaucrat rentseekers, it has the population of a country town and the size of government of a large state. Marxism- the punchline to a joke no one wanted to hear.

ANYTHING that disturbs the status quo in this Sunnydale of a hell hole gets the full (illegal abusive) weight of the law down on it.

We are sleeping sheep
And there are wolves amongst us



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