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Canberra’s design is a mysterious designed based on pyramidal shapes.

Basically there are four pyramids, each built upon the other. There is the upper pyramid that has its base in front of Old Parliament House.

Then there is an extended pyramid which is what is termed the Parliamentary Precinct, accommodating the High Court of Australia, and other government identities,  Next is the larger and more obvious large pyramid base that runs from London Circuit over to the US memorial column. The pyramidal concept is unmistakable.At the apex of the pyra mid is the double ring, possibly symbolic of inner and outer knowledge.

The diagram here is by Marion Griffin and was the winning entry to the Canberra design competition held by the Federal government. (The diagram was submitted my Marion on its north-south axis, not as is shown here on its pyramidal base.) Parliament then is situated as an all-seeing-eye. The areal…

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