Canberra’s marxist collusionoids exposed for all to see.

The webs they weave

The AFR are now looking at the linkages between the Greens, the Australia Institute, CAER and the ANU.

Green Web

That graphic is missing a feedback loop – John Hewson holds a Honorary Professorial Fellowship at the ANU and is himself an activist in this policy space. This from a recent press release:

AODP Chair Dr John Hewson, himself a Preofessor (sic) at ANU said “This is the tip of the iceberg regarding institutional resistance to the transparency that would prove that these Universities and other institutions are taking some huge gambles on a nice gentle transition to the low carbon economy -and they have no Plan B if they are wrong.” Earlier this week, it was revealed that Australia’s 8 premier universities had apparently colluded in a botched attempt to avoid scrutiny over their long term investment strategies that would include a plan for dealing with the financial risks of climate change.

This information was inadvertently supplied by Monash University just hours after a request by AODP for such disclosure from 300 Universities around the world. It has since emerged that Oxford and Cambridge Universities have also refused to disclose.

“These Vice Chancellors and their investment officers are trusted with this money that doesn’t belong to them – they have a duty to avert the risks to that money posed by climate change,“ Dr Hewson said.


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